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"I'm ready to take my Life and Acting Career 
to The Next Level..."
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"Having written and produced for several successful television shows, 
the actors that always stand out are the ones that understand their business inside and out. 
The Hollywood Inside Edge  is where you go to learn how to compete in the Entertainment Industry. 
The program will prepare you for all the challenges that lie ahead."

Scott Veach - Writer/Producer
CSI (CBS) / Zero Hour (ABC) / Leverage (TNT) 
Learn what it takes to
Thrive As An Actor, Beat The Odds
And Live Your Fullest Potential
"As a director in Hollywood, actors always ask me how to get into the entertainment business. When Shani told me about her program I knew it was groundbreaking; I knew it was exactly what every actor needed, and I knew she was the right person to teach it."

Ken Whittingham - Director
Parks and Rec (NBC) / 30 Rock (NBC) / The Office (NBC)
“If I were an actor in my early stages…I’d follow Shani anywhere and EVERYWHERE. 
She knows how to navigate Hollywood and she knows 
how to create a successful life and acting career”
Peter Shinkoda - Actor
Daredevil (Netflix)
"I've gained through Shani's Inner Circle Program strength as an artist, a wealth of knowledge regarding Hollywood and a solid foundation for my acting career. I am forever grateful for everything that Shani has helped, guided and supported me with and I would highly recommend this program to anyone, regardless of where they are in their own career, because her teachings are fundamental to the nature of being a balanced actor and profoundly transformative for those who are hungry for success."

Apheneya Kugendran - Client

The Inside Edge Inner Circle Program:
Transforms not only your 
Acting Career 
but your Life as a whole
  • We focus on creating the Best Possible Life for our clients, so they live and realize their fullest potential
  • Our clients become Purpose Driven Actors - having a deeper meaning behind everything
  • We are all about creating balanced and whole careers and lives - mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. One leaves our program completely well-rounded and dynamic in every way 
  • This is not solely career changing, it's Life Changing
The Inner Circle Program is for all actors (anywhere in the world) seeking solid career guidance with in-depth career strategy and industry insights into what it really takes to have a successful acting career 
in your local industry market and in Hollywood. 
Think of it as a fully comprehensive hands-on education
around the business side of Show Business.
We prepare you for everything that lies ahead 
and equip you for ultimate success.
[International Actors Welcome]
Here's more about our program and how it works:
The program is completely Virtual
So you can participate from anywhere in the world!

In this initial kick off career strategy questionnaire gain an understanding of your commitment and journey ahead. Learn the best ways to utilize this program, interact with your coaches, and set yourself up for a victorious program packed with everything you need to know to reach your fullest potential.

“MAKE IT REAL” journaling exercises 
It’s important to listen, but even more important to not forget what is being discussed. We prepare you to move forward after the program and achieve success on your own. The journaling exercises allow you to take all the material discussed and apply it to your artistry and goals.

Receive one-on-one acting career coaching session calls. These private sessions take everything you are learning to the next level. Everyone is at a different place in his or her life and acting career, the private sessions work specifically with where you are and where you want to go. 

GROUP COACHING | Session Calls
In addition to your private coaching session calls, receive extremely valuable content, strategy, and Q&A through group coaching session calls and recordings with The Hollywood Inside Edge founder Shani Pride. 

Learn from working Hollywood Industry Insiders and gain inside information that propels you forward in your career. Special guests include feature film and television directors, screenwriters, successful actors, film and television producers, and casting directors. 

These deep dive lessons cover a wide range of topics that compliment your Actors Inner Circle Program. Receive valuable insights from experts in the Entertainment Industry.
Eliminate performance and audition anxiety
Create your own work as an actor in Hollywood
Discover entertainment marketing and branding strategies that work and get you noticed
Incorporate voice-over work into your acting repertoire
Get to know the real business behind acting

Stay connected to the entire Inner Circle community. Ask questions, share victories, and get support. It will also serve as your platform for updates and check-ins from Shani Pride and The Hollywood Inside Edge team.

Included in the program is the virtual Purpose Driven Actor program focusing on the importance of finding your purpose and knowing how to implement it into your life and acting career.

When The Hollywood Success Worldwide Tour is in your city, have special VIP access to the exclusive live event. 

As a client receive discounts in the areas of your career that need improvements. From headshots to acting demo reel services.
We give you the tools, info, & resources you need... and then you thrive!
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From Creating The Life That You Truly Want
Hear from one of our clients - Kyle Walker

"Before joining Shani's program I was lost. I didn't know in which direction to take my career until she stepped in and turned everything around for me. Shani really cared about helping me achieve my acting and life goals and she makes you feel like your career is hers. After completing the program, I now have a clear picture of what I want and exactly how to achieve it. I have more confidence and I'm excited about what lies ahead...
I got the "Ah Ha moment" I needed!"
A Few Things to Remember!

First Thing to Remember

We take this program EXTREMELY seriously. So if you are not very serious about your acting career and about going to the next level - this program is not a good fit. Please only apply if you are ready and willing to take your acting career to the next level. It is well worth the investment! 

Second Thing to Remember

Experience is key. To join our inner circle program you must be willing to learn from those who have walked the path before you and apply the priceless advice our industry insiders and experts provide.

Third Thing to Remember

If you leap, you must have faith that the net will appear. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...and like any successful business, as an actor, you must be willing to invest in yourself to grow to your fullest potential.
If THIS is You Than You've come to the right place. 
There's nothing left to do but apply.
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